Is “vaping” healthier than smoking?

ecigarette-2“Vaping” or “vaporing” is a term that the users of e-cigarettes use to describe the act of enjoying an e-cigarette, instead of “smoking.” This is because the product of an electronic cigarette is not actual smoke, since there is no burning. Instead, the liquid containing nicotine is heated up and turned into vapor with the use of the atomizer, a key part of an e-cigarette. The vapor is inhaled and exhaled just like normal smoke. It even resembles the smoke in color, shape and consistency, but not in the smell and certainly not in the effects it has on the lungs and on the environment.


Because of this, many people believe that vaping is healthier than smoking. This is partially true. In some elements, using an e-cigarette is healthier, or at least safer, than smoking a cigarette. On the other, there are still many reasons why it is an unhealthy habit just like smoking.


One of the things that make vaping if not healthier than at least less harmful than tobacco smoking is that there is no burning involved and hence there are no byproducts of burning. Every smoker knows that smoking tobacco has disastrous effects on the entire body, especially the lungs. Smoke itself is harmful whether it is inhaled directly or indirectly. In addition, it leaves a buildup of harmful substances in the lungs, such as tar, which take a very long time to clear. Not only that, smoke contains other toxic or even cancerous substances that should not be introduced into the body.


This is the primary reason why it is believed that vaping is less harmful than smoking. But it is not the only reasons. Vaping does not involve burning, which makes it that much safer. A burning cigarette can cause harm in many ways, from burns and similar skin injuries to serious fire hazards. An e-cigarette can safely be left around a child – there is no risk of burning. In addition, vaping does not cause stains on clothes, teeth and skin, and it does not leave the bad smell that linkers forever, like tobacco smoke does.


ecigarette-1On the other hand, there are many opponents of e-cigarettes that say that vaping is by no means safe or healthy. The main reason for this claim lies in the simple fact that e-cigarettes (at least most of them) do contain nicotine. Nicotine is a known toxin and a highly addictive substance. In addition to causing a very serious addiction that is difficult to shake, nicotine causes a range of negative effects to health, from rapid, irregular heartbeat and breathing problems to increased blood pressure and cholesterol, just to mention a few.


According to some studies, e-cigarette liquid also contains a certain amount of other harmful, potentially toxic substances, such as diethylene glycol. On the other hand, there is research and several studies that have found that harmful substances can be found only in trace amounts in e-cigarette fluids.


Bottom line is – if you can’t shake the nicotine habit, it is better to use an e-cigarette than an actual tobacco one. At least you will be smoke-free, you’ll smell better, be safer for the environment and be able to enjoy your e-cig whenever you want. Just remember that you are still using nicotine and that it is still an addiction.

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